Personal Care

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Bath & Shower

Specialty rheology modifiers, surfactants, and conditioning agents for body and face cleansing systemsBath & Shower

Hair Care

Hair Care

Conditioning and styling ingredients delivering sensory, functionality, and styleHair Care

Skin Care

Skin Care

Elegant emollients, and sensory modifiers that help to renew, nourish, protect, and beautify skinSkin Care

Carbopol® Aqua SF-1 OS polymer is a new alkali-swellable emulsion polymer grade targeting skin care, sun care and color cosmetic applications containing pigments.  NEW Carbopol® Aqua SF-1 OS Polymer

Carbopol® Silk 100 is a polymer technology targeted for shampoo applications which delivers cost efficient salt synergistic rheology that provides powerful suspension even at low surfactant levels.  NEW Carbopol® Silk 100 Polymer

Chromapol™ 5 polymer enables cutting edge product offerings such as crystal clear gels and glossy crèmes that are gentle on the scalp.  It also delivers vivid color while deeply conditioning the hair without the need to rely on heavy dye loads.  NEW Chromapol™ 5 Polymer

Have your technical product questions answered by a Personal Care product expert.  Ask an Expert

Formulate skin care systems featuring anti-aging or blemish-fighting actives. Get electrolyte tolerance, efficient thickening in a broad pH range and rich sensory.  NEW Carbopol® Ultrez 30 Polymer

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